Android Application Development

We provide Custom Android Application Development Services for Businesses Engage Users influential.

We provide specialist on mobile technology has become crucial, big and small organizations across a wide range of businesses. Anay Hybrid App Pvt Ltd delivers the latest technology specialist essential for your application development project. We also assist businesses to retouch their operational capacity, cost structure and live technologically competitive.

App Development procedure

Our peerless app development procedure starts up with conceptualizing to acquittal and submission to the Play Store.

Device connectivity

“Android offer opulent APIs to let your application connect and talk with other devices over Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi P2P, USB, and SIP, in addition to standard network connections

UX/UI Design

IA, Wire-frames, Concept Design, UI Design, Micro-interactions


Define MVC Modules, Create Frameworks and Reusable part; describe Network Layer, Database Layer, and UI Layer.

Android Application Architecture and Good training

At Anay Hybrid App Development Company in India, we care profound about code quality and handling of applications. In fact, the adage we follow is: “After functional Chastity, handling of the code base is the top virtue.” To obtain this we have taken some steps to inform that our staffs continuous generate maintainable code for all the projects we work on. Our procedure of build applications is based on:

Object Oriented Principles, we rigidly follow “Don’t encore Yourself (DRY)” and “One Class, One Responsibility” principles.

We use architectural exemplar for organizing our code base to ensure that other programmers can intuitively search out the implementations for functionality they required to work on.

At android application Development Company, our experts perform deep research and analysis to meet your requirements and expectations. We create customized applications using wide range of tools, which are powerful for any android devices.

We follow stiff coding conference and code formatting guidelines in order ensure that the code is simple to read and easy to navigate.