E-commerce Solutions


By hook or by crook give eCommerce Solutions

Make & manage your online store using eCommerce solutions, and get more orders to grow your revenue.

“Planning to build an ONLINE SHOP to encouragement your sales? Want to be open for Business 24*7? ”

If you’re running a business, just having a Website is not sufficient. Having an E-Commerce Website that manages business & generates results is more vital!!

Today’s clients want to click, buy and pay somewhere, anytime. E-Commerce provides different scale features which can increase the way clients want to click, buy and pay from somewhere, anytime.

Is your business taking benefit of the giant power of a Click?

If not, you require acting fast and requiring to materials the truly strong of E-Commerce to offer what today’s clients demand.

E-Commerce is the procedure of buying and selling Item over the Internet. Whether business to business (B2B) or business to clients (B2C), Anay Hybrid App Pvt Ltd has the right solutions for your particular requirements. Anay Hybrid App empower you to accommodate to your client’s require and enables you to attach much intimately with your client’s market. Our professionally designed safe and secure and easy-to-use E-Commerce website will function as your real storefront where your clients can make buy online.

Getting right the website frame and design is crucial for a tempt web impendence and healthy business. From browsing via to check out, we ensure an apparent and compatible user experience with best conversion price whether you are selling your item or running a real office. Apart from e-commerce regarding web design, our solutions cover e-commerce web hosting, shopping cart as well as safe and secure online payment.

E-Commerce Store

Everyone online store designed by Anay Hybrid App will be different. The website’s features and plausibility will be tailored to convenient your trade product / Item line. All the centre of a web store will be integrated, from product catalogue via to order procedure and printing of invoices.

  • Famous FEATURES of our e-commerce sites include:
  • Complete Agreeable/customized design layout.
  • Automated Order Processing & Fast Payment Processing vides direct integration to your bank payment gateway.
  • Service/Item and product catalogue and smart find.
  • Clients centred option, log-in, order tracking etc.
  • Shopping cart via safe and secure payment.
  • Search Engine customized, the pages can be indexed by all big search engines.
  • Integration with bequest back-office systems.
  • Simple to easy Stock and Order Management.
  • Option to build an allegiance prepaid card, linked to the site.
  • Automatic order sledding emailing.
  • Debit Cards/credit card Processing.

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